TEXT (English translation by Alessandro De Francesco and Noura Wedell)


we are all in the corridor      chandelier lighting
looking for the theatre entrance
there are black curtains we don’t notice

but when just two of us are left    we look at each other
and around     we think the others have been swallowed

someone knocks at the window
faces from before smiling
friends joking        from the other side
they tell us to come
and it isn’t the theatre entrance
but an exit to the street

going out   in the cold    a group of people looks up
from the window of a building     there’s a tv showing  
the film shot that summer
when we will all be together   at home


i am there undressing before a shower stall
i turn around naked   with an erection   someone claps    laughs
i look at the camera laugh then something    dims the video
at the threshold