Expanded Poetry #1, 2021, online exhibition at der TANK, Basel, Switzerland, curated by Chus Martinez (external link to the project).




Expanded Poetry #2, textual environment in mixed reality.  




Density of Tommaso Campanella, 2018, online exhibition on Arshake, curated by Elena Giulia Rossi, with a text by Antonello Tolve (external link to the project).




Biennale Gherdeina, curated by Adam Budak, June-September 2018 (external link to the website).




Poetry as Artistic Practice: one-year show/project at Anima Ludens curated by François de Coninck and Gregory Lang, 2017-2018 (external link to the blog).




Three Poetic Engines - Trois engins poétiques, Belval, Luxembourg, 2016, curated by Delcroix & Pinsky (PDF, 1.8 MB).




Objets Cherchés: projects in conceptual sculpture




poetry:exposure (language-based painting)




Other materials available in the PORTFOLIO.