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In the spirit of Alessandro De Francesco's research on immersive poetry, Expanded Poetry #2, forthcoming at der TANK in Basel once the exhibition space will again be open to the public, will feature a choreographed reading-performance by a spoken choir, a multi-channel surround soundscape made with the choir’s digitally processed voices, and a Mixed Reality immersive textual environment with the Aryzon wireless motion tracking technology, thanks to which the visitors will be able to experience and realistically interact with the same 3D virtual texts as those of Expanded Poetry #1, this time within the real exhibition space. The image above is a low-resolution screen simulation of a moment of the Mixed Reality textual environment in the TANK exhibition space. For further information please click HERE (external link to the project). The featured texts are chosen from the trilingual edition of Alessandro De Francesco's poetry book (((, forthcoming at Uitgeverij / punctum books. The Italian-only version of ((( was published in 2020 by Arcipelago Itaca (check the BOOKS section for details).





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