Just out: Nina Parish and Emma Wagstaff (ed.), Poetry's Forms and Transformations, 'L'Esprit créateur', Johns Hopkins University Press, 58:3 (2018, Fall), featuring Augmented Writing oibjects and an essay by Alessandro De Francesco entitled Poerty as Artistic Practice. More details HERE.

Special project 14 on Arshake, by Alessandro De Francesco: Density of Tommaso Campanella. View it HERE.


Alessandro De Francesco's books published by Editions MIX are now distributed by Les Presses du réel. Find them HERE. See also the BOOKS section on this website for details.

Just out: "Uncreative Poetry", a dossier for the Italian comparative literature journal "Semicerchio", curated and with an essay by Alessandro De Francesco on Kenneth Goldsmith. Information about the dossier and how to purchase the journal HERE.