June 1st, 2024, 10am - noon CET, Lugano (CH): Alessandro De Francesco in dialogue with Stefano Vessere together with the other fellow authors Yari Bernasconi, Daniel Maggetti and Begona Fejio Farina. Language: Italian. Click HERE for details.   

June 12th, 2024, 5 to 6pm CET, Paris (F): Webinar moderated by Luigi Magno about Alessandro De Francesco's Pour une théorie non-dualiste de la poésie (Paris: MIX, 2021), followed by an encounter on Adriano Spatola with Gaëlle Théval. Language: French. For details and to participate click HERE.

Documentation about the exhibition Expanded Poetry, Agglomerated Poetry at Kunstraum Dreiviertel in Bern (April 2024) is now available on this website. Click HERE to view and listen.


March 2024: "Continuum 2", a new collection of essays in three languages (English, French, Italian) was just released by punctum books in the Uitgeverij collection. Click HERE for more information and to buy the book.

Continuum 2

November 27h, 2023 at La Finestra di Antonio Syxty: presentation of the book Mental Dough. A Dialogue on Poetry as Artistic Practice, by Alessandro De Francesco and Marco Mazzi (language: Italian)

December 4th, 2023, at Seminario di Interpretazione Testuale, University of Pisa, Italy: Multipli non-due. Per una teoria della poesia. Conversazione con Alessandro De Francesco. Con Marilina Ciaco, Luigi Magno e Luciano Pellegrini (Language: Italian)

Margaret de Asbaje, Court traité-poème de métaphysique moniste, édité par Alessandro De Francesco, éditons MIX, 2023. Tous les détails ICI.

Margaret cover

Poesis, poiesis e auto-poiesis
, lecture and seminar for the CCCC cybernetics research group, John Cabot University, Rome, October 12th 2023 (language: Italian)

Alessandro De Francesco, And Agglomerations, of Trees or, Mousse Publishing, 2022.
Click on the image of the cover for more information.

Mousse Cover